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By Design

cyber Security by design

Your board of directors and executive leadership have a duty of care (legal and moral) to your clients, employees and suppliers that put their trust in you to keep their private data safe. Security is not just an IT issue – it is a global business risk. Organizations that build a strong security foundation before problems occur will position themselves to move forward, confidently knowing that their sensitive data is properly safeguarded. When you have a maturing cyber security program, you turn the tables on cyber criminals by increasing their costs of making a successful cyber-attack.


Managing cyber risk means protecting your sensitive information and information systems from internal and external threats (i.e. unauthorized individuals). It is accomplished through balanced protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data without hampering the productivity of the organization. Successful cyber risk management efforts result in reasonable, insurable, legally defensible, profitable cyber security.

Effective cyber security includes the elements of people, processes, technology, and leadership working together to build and strengthen your cyber resilience. Your people can be your biggest cyber security weakness or your greatest ally. A well-trained and engaged workforce is the ideal. Cyber security technology protections are a critical component, but without customized processes and policies that are effectively enforced, any investment in technology will be largely wasted.

SECURITY BUILDS DIGITAL TRUST – Cyber security is about protecting your stakeholders, employees, customers, and reputation from harm by protecting their data. One benefit of preserving digital trust with cyber security best practices is competitive differentiation by delivering an improved, secure customer experience. To win contracts in today’s business environment, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to require evidence of proper cyber security in order to do business with them. Conversely, you can lose clients and potential clients by neglecting your corporate cyber security responsibilities.

Another advantage of cyber security is peace of mind knowing that your business operations will continue and that your corporate reputation will remain in good standing. It is important to stay on top of your company brand and consider how far your data can spread once it is stolen. This includes an awareness of what is happening on the web with your corporate brand and the names of your board directors and executive leadership team including fake websites and social media profiles.

Tynebridge cyber security leaders and practitioners work with our data privacy, data governance, and IT professionals to facilitate the complete digital trust experience for our clients. Not all data is of equal value, so you don’t want to try to protect everything equally. Often, when you try to protect everything, you end up properly protecting nothing. We focus on critical, high value data assets – the most valuable and most vulnerable information in your organization’s care.

We will help you:

  • Develop a complete cyber risk strategy and program
  • Determine what information needs protecting, where those information assets are located, and who has access
  • Assess your cyber threats and current levels of cyber security protection
  • Create a multi-year Cyber Security Roadmap – a prioritized protection plan based on the results of the assessment
  • Implement the necessary cyber risk reduction measures beginning with the lowest hanging fruit items – the ‘quick wins’
  • Manage your digital risk score
  • Manage your brand online and ensure that fake websites and social media profiles are discovered and taken down
  • Stay up-to-date on current cyber threats to your organization
  • Complete cyber security questionnaires