IT by design

Digital trust is established and communicated internally with leadership and staff, and externally to customers, clients, and investors. Once your organization begins to mature in the Digital Trust journey, you will now be able to articulate the value your efforts. As you increase your company’s digital trustworthiness, you begin to improve relationships with, and meet the expectations of your internal and external stakeholders.  With the right messaging, you can make trust tangible to your customers, investors, donors, constituents, patients, employees, members, and subscribers. It is a golden opportunity to improve relationships with new clients and retain existing ones.

The competitive Digital Trust advantage demonstrates that you are worthy to be trusted. It enables you to send a message that: “When you do business with us, you can be assured that your private information is being handled responsibly. We are following up-to-date, best practices to make sure that your sensitive information remains, private, well-governed, and protected from cyber threats. We are a digitally trustworthy organization that acknowledges the information you put in our care belongs to you. Our agreement and commitment to you is full transparency of how we govern, manage, and use your information. Since being 100% secure is not possible, if anything does go wrong with your data, such as a major, cyber-attack or data breach, we will let you know. Your data privacy and security rights are our responsibility. We will responsibly steward your data and not abuse or misuse it in any way.”

Inconsistent messaging to stakeholders can leave doubt in their minds. Tynebridge will help you develop a powerful strategy for initial and ongoing communication of key messaging to your data stakeholders including:

  • Evidence of legal and regulatory compliance
  • Evidence of cyber security maturity
  • Evidence of responsible data governance
  • Evidence of sound IT governance
  • Other measurable characteristics of your Digital Trust efforts