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By Design

data privacy by design

Protecting privacy starts with people, flows through processes, and is fortified by technology. Doing privacy right the first time has significant advantages for your organization. Building data privacy initially into business processes reduces the burden of having to reactively retrofit privacy best practices. With data privacy increasingly becoming a legal requirement, businesses have the obligation of protecting their customers’ and employees’ privacy. Companies that demonstrate good privacy practices show their commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy rights and reassuring customers that their data is being handled in accordance with recognized and legally enforceable standards. When your organization implements good privacy practices and is compliant with privacy laws, you can maintain the trust of your customers while enhancing your business.

DATA PRIVACY BUILDS DIGITAL TRUST – Data privacy is one of the key elements of digital trust. Good privacy practices encourage transparency by offering customers consent and control over their data. It is about respecting your customers’ privacy rights and communicating transparently with them about how you do this for them. By focusing on personal data, companies signal to customers that they prioritize the security and confidentiality of sensitive information.  This makes customers more willing to share their data and engage in digital transactions.

Tynebridge data privacy leaders and practitioners work with our cyber security, data governance, and IT professionals to facilitate the complete digital trust experience for our clients. They will help you:

  • Define what privacy means to your customers and team members
  • Understand what kind of data you have
  • Clarify how your current data needs to be collected, used, and disposed of
  • Determine what aspects of privacy are required for your business
  • Help you get started with implementing data privacy